A rant

Ok I got this new job working at Panera Bread and I have to tell you, it sucks.

It doesn’t suck because the company sucks, but because food service in general sucks. They started me off at 9 an hour.  better than I was making at Taco Bell but it sucks because it’s not enough because I have things 2 buy! Like a car, some Dre Beats, etc. Like, there isn’t enough time in my life 2 do what I want to do u feel me?

The worst part of the whole thing is the customers. Taco bell customers were stoned but happy, amirite? But these old white ladies are teh WORST. The love 2 complain about literally, everything and have fits about literally, EVERYTHING. Not enough kale in their kale whatever. Ridiculous and I hate it but they pay me good so I have to stay for now. Someday, I will be a CEO of my own company and not have to worry about rich old white ladies being a bag of dicks but whatever. First, high school, then the world.




Anyone who knows me knows that I want to be a serious writer and do serious things. I want to write my own novels and be famous, like Stephen King. I also want to do all the merchandising myself, because that’s where the money is.

I told my mom what I want to do (in addition to being super rich and being the CEO of my own company) and she told me I am being ridiculous. It’s stupid that she’s being such a big bitch about this. NEver supporting my dreams, but whatever someday she will see and then, she’ be cool, you know?

That’ll be great. I am going to buy her a new house and a car. I’ll pay for everything and she won’t have to work anymore. But, first, I have to be come a writer and all that.

So, anyone know where I could get writing tips and things that are actually useful? I’ve read some stuff but mostly it’s pretty dumb. It doesn’t work. I need to know how to write from beginning to end. The entire thing.

Like, how to start the story and make characters and when to do what and how, etc. It’s really hard to know what it is I am doing and what I am supposed ot be doing it’s like nobody really wants anyone to be a writer or follow their dreams. Everyone keeps all the information to themselves and the rest of us are supposed to just figure it out and al lthat.


Totally NOT cool.


Whatever. Ok, so I found I a bunch of stuff on tumblr and some stuff on facebook or whatever but I really need help from people who are ACTUAL writers. Not fanfic crap or any of that other shit. Like, actual published writers. Anyone know where to get that from?

Maybe the best game, ever?



Two years ago, I was at school, my stepdad was at work and my mom was at home with my baby brother. We lived in Moore, Oklahoma, in a two story brown house with a swingset out back. My mom had a garden there.

The day the tornado happened it was very dark and stormy. The entire week had been kind of like that, actually, but it was spring in Oklahoma so nobody thought about it at all. None of the kids did, anyway, because it’s just not that big of a deal to us. Or wasn’t.

When the tornado came down, it hit my neighborhood. Mom said she had put my brother down for his nap. Even though he never sleeps, ever, he slept through the sirens and the noise of the storm, she says. She says he was really fussy all day that day until just before the storm.

The tornado actually missed our house, but we had a lot of damage from the roof and wind. It was really bad. We lost all the windows on the top floor.

After that, mom sort of flipped out on my dad and said that we had to move and that her next house, if we had to stay in Oklahoma, had to have a storm shelter. They were pretty much like the ones over here at storm shelters okc We moved and they put one in. I don’t think my mom is very happy about it, but at least she feels better knowing that she can just go into the garage with my brother if another storm hits and we aren’t home.


Humble Pie

Welcome to my blog. My name is Jon.

You can expect to see a whole bunch of personal narratives and ridiculous content here. Trust me, there’s not much to see but as this is my slice of internet pie, I will serve it as I want. If you don’t like it, you can go to one of the other 2.9 trillion pages on the internet and hate it. I promise you, whatever page you land on will be more interesting than this one.

Moving on.

I like:

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