A rant

Ok I got this new job working at Panera Bread and I have to tell you, it sucks.

It doesn’t suck because the company sucks, but because food service in general sucks. They started me off at 9 an hour.  better than I was making at Taco Bell but it sucks because it’s not enough because I have things 2 buy! Like a car, some Dre Beats, etc. Like, there isn’t enough time in my life 2 do what I want to do u feel me?

The worst part of the whole thing is the customers. Taco bell customers were stoned but happy, amirite? But these old white ladies are teh WORST. The love 2 complain about literally, everything and have fits about literally, EVERYTHING. Not enough kale in their kale whatever. Ridiculous and I hate it but they pay me good so I have to stay for now. Someday, I will be a CEO of my own company and not have to worry about rich old white ladies being a bag of dicks but whatever. First, high school, then the world.



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