Two years ago, I was at school, my stepdad was at work and my mom was at home with my baby brother. We lived in Moore, Oklahoma, in a two story brown house with a swingset out back. My mom had a garden there.

The day the tornado happened it was very dark and stormy. The entire week had been kind of like that, actually, but it was spring in Oklahoma so nobody thought about it at all. None of the kids did, anyway, because it’s just not that big of a deal to us. Or wasn’t.

When the tornado came down, it hit my neighborhood. Mom said she had put my brother down for his nap. Even though he never sleeps, ever, he slept through the sirens and the noise of the storm, she says. She says he was really fussy all day that day until just before the storm.

The tornado actually missed our house, but we had a lot of damage from the roof and wind. It was really bad. We lost all the windows on the top floor.

After that, mom sort of flipped out on my dad and said that we had to move and that her next house, if we had to stay in Oklahoma, had to have a storm shelter. They were pretty much like the ones over here at storm shelters okc We moved and they put one in. I don’t think my mom is very happy about it, but at least she feels better knowing that she can just go into the garage with my brother if another storm hits and we aren’t home.


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